Youth Services in the Community

If you are a youth who struggles with skill development and overcoming barriers to independence, Youth Services can help. 

How Youth Services Works

Youth Services provides several distinctive programs to help you in various areas. Some require a referral from the Ministry of Children and Family Development, while others allow you to refer yourself to the program.

Youth Transitioning Program
For youth age 16-19

Referral: Ministry of Children and Family Development (Surrey Youth Teams)

In this one-to-one service, you will learn to set goals, develop skills and maintain your independence.

Intensive Support and Supervision Program
Referral: Ministry of Children and Family Development (Youth Probation Team)

If you are in conflict with the law and have bail or supervised court orders, this intensive one-to-one program can provide support to help you learn strategies on how to choose a lifestyle alternative to crime. Curfew monitoring is also available.

Subsidized Youth Independent Housing Program
For youth age 16-24
Referral: Self-referral or community professional

If you are homeless or seriously at risk of becoming homeless, the SYIH program can help you secure and sustain housing. This supportive subsidized housing program provides you with housing support and assistance to pursue vocational and/or educational goals. 

Generation Why?
This locally broadcasted youth television program is produced by Options Community Services and features topics on prevalent issues that are faced by youth in our communities.

"Generation Why?" is the longest running youth television program on Shaw Cable that has been broadcasting throughout the Lower Mainland since 1995. The purpose of this half-hour program is to allow teens to produce television features that will assist their peers to make positive life choices, highlight youth in the community, and to guide the adult viewers in understanding youth culture and issues.

This Program Is For:

Type of Program:

One-to-one, workshops


Resident of Surrey, Age 16-19 or 16-24 depending on service


Self-referral, Ministry of Children and Family Development, community agencies

Register for this Program:
Ministry of Children and Family Development
For self-referral program, please call the number below.

Contact Info:
Heather Lynch
Program Manager

Surrey Youth Resource Centers
114-13479  76 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3W 2W3 (map)

204-14827  108 Avenue
Surrey, BC V3R 1W2 (map)

Blair Youth Fund
Heather Lynch
Program Manager