Transition Houses

Are you familiar with the signs of abuse in your relationship with your partner?  The Transition Houses offer the confidential, safe, temporary shelter, support and resources that you and your children may need.

How the Transition Houses Work

The Transition Houses provide the following support for you and your children:

  • A safe and communal setting with other women and children who share similar experiences in a residence that also provides basic necessities such as clothing, meals and personal toiletries
  • Access to secure and confidential services, including information and support to help you make decisions that meet your needs
  • Advocacy, referrals to other services, and links to affordable housing
  • Emotional support and education regarding the impact of relationship violence

Each house is operated by Transition House Workers, who provide services in a non-judgmental manner so that you can explore your options in a collaborative environment. Child and youth support workers are also available to provide additional parenting support, and help your children to understand and cope with the effects of violence.

Information and Assistance
Transition House staff can also provide you with guidance in finding specific services, including:

  • Financial aid
  • Medical care
  • Legal assistance (advocacy for child custody, family/criminal court)
  • Court accompaniment
  • Housing
  • Important documents (identification, immigration, etc.)
  • Information on schools and help with registering children
  • Exploration of appropriate education, training and employment services
  • Parenting resources
  • Counselling
This Program Is For:
Women, mothers, children

Type of Program:
Temporary residential program


Age 19 and over; Seeking safe refuge when leaving a violent/abusive relationship

Length of Program:

30 days

Anyone can refer but screening is required prior to admission


Yes -multiple languages available, translation available as needed

Register for this Program:
Evergreen Transition House

Virginia Sam Transition House

For client safety, the Transition Houses operate from undisclosed locations.