Services for Children with Special Needs (One-to-One)


It really does take a village

"You guys changed my life. I have now gone back to school to become an LPN and am very excited."


Your child is important and deserves respect, a high quality of life, and meaningful relationships and activities.

If you have a child or youth with developmental or physical disabilities and/or autistic disorders, he or she could benefit from the Special Services to Children and their Families (SSCF) program.

SSCF works with your child to help him or her reach their full physical, social and emotional potential, with the goal of becoming a happy, healthy and growing member of the community.

How Services for Children with Special Needs Works

Using a holistic approach, we provide support and development programs with the goal of increased autonomy and improved emotional well-being of the child, and all family members.

Benefits for Your Child

We work to enhance your child’s self-expression, sense of self-esteem, their skills and physical capabilities.

Benefits for Your Family

Your family will also receive support during program delivery. Together, we can increase your ability to work and live effectively as a family, while receiving more joy and acceptance for each member in your home.

Eligibility criteria

For those with developmental and/or physical disabilities and/or autistic disorders 18 and under who need individualized support to reach their full physical, social and emotional potential.

Can you access the program directly?


Other referral options

There are two options to access the program. Please contact:

1. The Ministry of Children and Family Development for a referral, or

2. Daniel Anctil, Program Manager at 604.596.4321 ext 1105 or for private enrollment.

Other information


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Daniel Anctil
Program Manager
604.596.4321 ext 1105