Better Lives through Better Play


Our goal of $30,000 will allow us to renovate our existing playroom and get new toys and activities specifically designed to support our children with autism and other developmental disabilities. We are more than halfway there thanks to the 29th Annual RBC Charity Golf Tournament and your help will put us over the top!

The importance of intentional design and play simply can’t be overstated.

Just a couple of examples…

It helps them improve their social skills  - The room will be set up to encourage interactive play (turn-taking games, shared play space, etc in order for children to interact meaningfully with one another. Having an outdoor space where children are able to play in all sorts of weather (ex: having a covered area) will also allow for more children to come to our space as we would have both indoor/outdoor spaces.

It helps them improve their attention span - Doing puzzles, games, crafts and other sit-down activities in a quiet, focused area of the recreation room help develop attention span. Our staff have found that when they work with children on engaging activities that interest them, they are more likely to stay focused for longer periods of time. Also, having the ability to use “first, then” with a favorite toy (as in first we sit for five minutes and practice our letters, then you can play with the trains) works to increase a child’s attention span. But, we need a variety of engaging toys to work with.

And here is what our parents have to say…

We are so pleased with the results we’ve seen with our son after only three months. We’ve been able to connect with him in a way that was not possible before. He’s showing great eye contact, attention and has tried speaking more and more. We’re very pleased with his progress thus far and look forward to seeing future results.

And that's for 250 families every year!