Options for Schools

Has your child distanced him/herself from school recently? Do you know or suspect that there are social or emotional reasons for this?  Your child may benefit from Options for Schools, a support system that works towards re-engaging your child into the school system.

How Options for Schools Works

To meet the specific needs of your child, Options for Schools offers a variety of age-designated programs that provide the positive community support your children.

TREK (Trust, Respect, Empathy, Knowledge)
For youth age 13-15

If your youth is at risk of dropping out of school, he or she could benefit from this support system.

TREK operates 2 times a year through referrals from the Student Education Centre of the Surrey School District.

Lee School
For youth age 13-16

Does your youth require additional academic support and social-emotional learning? In Lee School’s small classroom setting, your youth can connect with other students who have shared similar experiences. The focus of this program is to facilitate an environment that supports meaningful, relevant and developmentally appropriate learning.

One-to-one Outreach / Alternate School Support
For children and youth age 10-16

Working with a trained staff worker, your youth will join others in recreational activities designed to foster positive connections and relationships, and develop goals towards sustaining positive relationships.

Options for Schools is funded by Surrey (District 36) and supplemental grants, and is operated by Options Community Services.

This Program Is For:
Youth, children

Type of Program:

One-to-one and alternate school


Age 16 and under; Resident of Surrey


Trek and Lee School accept referrals only through Surrey School's District Education Centre (604) 596-7733.
One-to-one support services accepts referrals from Surrey School District counsellors only.

Register for this Program:
Student Support Services
(604) 597-7733

Contact Info:
Joe Woodworth
Senior Program Manager

Newton Office
13520 – 78 Ave.
Surrey, BC   V3W 8J6 (map)