• A Day In The Life: Family Counselling

    by Options Community Services | Jul 07, 2016
    Written by Carol Ateah. || Read about "a day in the life" of Carol, a family therapist in Options' Family Counselling program. In this thoughtful article, Carol reflects on her experiences working with families to identify and build on their strengths.
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  • How (Not) To Talk About Suicide

    by Options Community Services | Apr 07, 2016
    Written by David Lindskoog. || I won't blame you for feeling afraid when the issue of suicide is raised. As a suicide prevention therapist I have felt the same way. But it is past time to foster a hopeful and meaningful conversation about suicide, not one full of stigma and discrimination. I believe wholeheartedly that doing this will save lives.
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  • "Go to the Next One" - 7 Sayings to Survive Your Job Search

    by Options Community Services | Mar 23, 2016
    Written by Fernando Micu. || Not too long before becoming an Employment Counselor at the Whalley WorkBC, I was an unemployed job seeker. I had a lot of time to ponder my future, and found comfort and guidance in these 7 golden nuggets of job search wisdom.
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