310Mental Health Support | 310-6789

310Mental Health Support was developed by the Crisis Line Association of BC to better ensure that people with concerns about their own or another’s mental health can access help when they need it.

This easy to remember, 24-hour toll-free phone number uses routing technology to direct calls to the nearest network crisis line partner. During times when demand for service is high, the technology automatically re-routes the call to other network partners thereby increasing response capacity. If translation is needed, it can be immediately accessed through the Language Line service.

Once connected to the crisis line, the worker offers the same emotional support, crisis intervention and community resource information that he or she would provide to any crisis line caller. Should intervention be required, the worker has access to a database which enables emergency mobile response to be sent to anyone, anywhere in the province.

The Fraser Health Crisis Line responds primarily to those 310Mental Health Support calls placed by residents of the Fraser Health Region. Calls from elsewhere in the province may be routed to us when demand for service in those areas is great.